Privacy Policy

NACS respects consumer privacy and takes every precaution to ensure that personal information remains private. NACS may request a consumer to verify personal information by which the consumer may be associated with an account. This information will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy/statement.

We do not disclose consumer non-public personal information that we collect to anyone or any organization that is not affiliated in the normal course of business as required by law and/or permitted by the consumer contract with our clients. Consumer information is restricted to only be used or shared with an unaffiliated third party with the consumer’s express consent to do so.

Our privacy commitments are fundamental to the way we do business. These apply to every consumer who has an account placed for collection with our company. We will protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. We use encryption and other security safeguards to protect customer data. We will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose.

Use of Information

A. We limit the collection and use of non public personal information to the minimum we believe is necessary to provide our clients with exemplary service and collect the debts.

1. Maintain accurate and up to date account information as information is collected as detailed in Section 5.2B below.

Non-Public Information we collect

A. Contact information to include:

1. First, last and middle names

2. Home address’

3. Email address’

4. Employer names

5. Employer phone numbers

6. Home phone numbers

7. Cell phone numbers

8. Social Security numbers

9. Date of Births

10. Patient account information

11. Patient accounting information/transactions

12. Patient Insurance information

How this information is collected

1. Received from a consumer on an application/client contract

2. Received from transactions with us, our clients or our affiliates

3. Received from a consumer directly

4. Received from a consumer reporting agency

5. Received from our clients

6. Received from third parties such as attorneys and insurance companies

How Information is Protected

A. We restrict access to non-public personal information about consumers to only those with a direct need within the normal course of business in order to provide products and services to our consumers and/or clients. We maintain superior physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and state regulations to guard consumer non-public personal information and services to consumers and our clients.

B. NACS does not sell, distribute or lease consumer personal information to unaffiliated third parties without the express consent of the consumer

Consumer Inquiries for Privacy Complaints and Disputes

A. NACS provides for consumers convenient options to communicate with our staff in regards to Privacy Complaints and/or Disputes they may have.

1. We provide a dedicated phone number for Complaints and Disputes to be discussed with a representative for investigation.

a. 800-868-6897

2. We provide a dedicated address for correspondence to be sent to for investigation.

a. NACS/Compliance Audit Division

PO Box 22815, Chattanooga, TN 37422

3. We provide a dedicated email address for correspondence to be sent to for investigation

Consumer Options for Data Collection, Use, Retention, Disclosure and Disposal

A. NACS is not the owner of the consumer data, as the provider of service collects, uses and dictates the information’s use, retention and disposal.

B. The consumer does have the right to provide permissions to direct NACS to provide data disclosures to third parties.

Consumers Right to Private Data

A. Consumers contacting NACS to request a list of the personal identifying information that we have on each consumer will be referred back to the provider of service as they hold the originating contracts.

Right to Request Disclosure Data of Consumer Information

A. Consumers may contact NACS to request a list of instances where their data was disclosed to third parties. All, if any, instances are documented on each account the consumer has within the NACS operating system.

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Updated Date: May 05, 2020